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As well as live shows, we also offer courses and workshops

for anybody who wants to learn about or start stand-up comedy.

Upcoming Courses

Monday 22nd - Art of Comedy, Stand-Up Beginner’s Course, Estepona 

Tuesday 23rd - Art of Comedy, Stand-Up Beginner’s Course, Estepona

Wednesday 24th - Art of Comedy, Stand-Up Beginner’s Course New Act Showcase, Estepona 

For the last few years, the creator and producer of Art Of Comedy,  Nik Coppin has run comedy courses and workshops in the UK, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Here are some reviews of his courses and workshops.

“Nik is a brilliant tutor. The course was good value, informative and very educational. Nik's friendly approach calmed any nerves we had, it was obvious he knows his stuff, he had the ability to analyse our work very effectively. Nik is very experienced and kindly shared many anecdotes and experiences with the class. I've come away learning a few new processes and a good insight to the stand-up industry."

- Raj Kukadia, London

“The comedy course with Nik was absolutely fantastic. In just 2 days I went from an quivering anxious on-stage mess to a confident new stand-up at the final showcase. Some people even laughed!

Nik’s course has given me the confidence to continue and perform at more shows.

I would thoroughly recommend Nik’s courses to anyone thinking about getting into stand-up comedy”

- Lucy Amans, Costa Del Sol, Spain

“Amazing course. Had a lot of fun. I learnt some great tips about comedy that will help me far into the future. Nik’s energy is as electric as Jamie Foxx in Spider-Man.

You’d be a fool to not grab the opportunity to do this course. You’ll meet some awesome people, I mean what else can you ask for?”

- Liam Wilcox, Brighton

Nik’s course was a really fun 2 days. I laughed from start to finish and met some great like minded people. I learnt so much about the comedy industry, gigs and the circuit.

The best thing was how generous Nik is with his input, experience and time. His advice and tutoring has taken me from an unsure total novice to confident amateur wanting more stage time in just one weekend. I have learnt so much about writing, editing, performing and what I can bring. Do yourself a favour; book in this course.

- Charlotte Madden, Hove


Also, have a squiz at this video filmed with the amazing Australian comedian Amy Hetherington about workshops they did together in Darwin, NT, Australia.

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